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from 1841 until today


The origin was the "Prezisionsreißzeug" and the most accurate watch in the world. With the invention and production of the "Riefler-Rundsystem-Zirkel", the triumphal march of the German drawing instrument industry began from Nesselwang. Riefler precision pendulum clocks stood in the observatories of all five continents as well as in scientific institutes where the most precise time measurement was essential.


Riefler Development

The success of the "Prezisionsreißzeug" was followed by the development of high-quality drawing systems, always at the pulse of the times and according to the latest technological standards. Based on the height-adjustable drawing tables, the next development to the first height-adjustable working tables followed.


Riefler today

The name Riefler still stands today for highest precision and perfect technology. Our excellent team of skilled workers produces products of the highest quality using the most modern processes. Riefler has more than 175 years of experience in the development and production of precision mechanics, more than 60 years of which are solely for height-adjustable tables.

Tradition and modern

more than 175 years precision mechanics

The most accurate mechanical watch in the world! The Riefler type A3 movement with double power lever was precision at the highest level and is still exhibited today in the Deutsches Museum in Munich.


The secret of success of the "Riefler-Rundsystem-Zirkel": Highest precision, ergonomic design, timeless elegance, the statussymbol of the engineer. Working with a "Riefler-Rundsystem-Reißzeug" meant belonging to the technical elite.

Our more than 60 years of experience in the manufacture of height-adjustable drawing tables is the basis for today's extensive range of workplaces: rieflersystem. Today, we are the top supplier of height-adjustable worktables for professionals and private users.

Sit and Stand Workplaces by Riefler -

a Plus for Employees and Employers

When we develop new products for the work domain, then human beings take centre stage. Our sit and stand workplaces are adjustable in their height and, therefore, health problems that evolve from lopsided posture and sitting for too long can be avoided. Leading medical doctors have recommended a spontaneous and regular change of the sitting and standing position at work which also enhances the feeling of well-being.  For this reason, investing in sit and stand workplaces from Riefler is a wise choice as it provides support for both physical and mental performance.

Relaxed Working thanks to Ergonomic Solutions

The sit and stand workplaces from the Riefler system have been developed according to the latest ergonomic principles and ensure relaxed working conditions through the fast and safe change to the desired working height.  The correct viewing angle and the optimal viewing distance are taken into account. We recommend our concave contoured free form desktop which optimally matches the natural movements of the human body.

High-quality, Timeless Design, Numerous Functions,

Customised Models


The Riefler system consists of an extensive range of desk types, desktop sizes and shapes. The desk frames are also available in different colours and there are a choice of decors for the tops.

Riefler is specialised in producing individual working areas to meet the desires and specifications of the customer.

The Riefler system includes also CAD-workplaces which have separate levels for the monitor and the desk that can be independently adjusted. All movement sequences can be controlled either manually or electrically.


Mechanics of Superb Precision,

High Product Quality Down to the Last Detail

The name Riefler represents the highest precision and perfect technology in the office - a tradition that covers 175 years. We have further developed our know-how about precision mechanics continuously since 1841.

The tension springs located in the crossbeam are capable of neutralising varying loads flexibly so that the working height can be adjusted without any effort.

All of the desks that can be adjusted in height using motors have a high-tech control system, are robust and reliable and are equipped with all of the features imaginable: memory circuit, impact protection, digital height display, synchronous motors.

The Quality Lies in the Detail

Made by Riefler is a complex production and assembly process: the use of hardened, polished quality rollers ensures excellent smooth running with tolerances in the micron range.

The precision steel profiles which have the smallest possible tolerances are the prerequisite for the smooth running and high stability of the sit and stand workplaces, even in the highest position.

All of the desks that can be adjusted in height using motors, have a high-tech control system, are robust and reliable and are equipped with all of the features imaginable: memory circuit, impact protection, digital height display, synchronous motors.

Benefit & advantages

Everything is from one source: from the planning process to assembly on your premises.

At Riefler, customer service begins with specialist counselling by our sales force on your premises.

Optimal customer service and friendliness is very important to us.

Of course, this is free of charge and nonbinding. Upon request, we will provide a sit and stand desk so that you can experience the advantages in your daily office routine. Our qualified staff will gladly plan your office equipment to meet your individual requirements.

Riefler Mobile


One of our sales members will visit you free of charge and without any obligation. On site, you will be given a presentation of our sit and stand workplaces.


Riefler Delivery


We deliver free of charge to the place of use. There are no hidden costs.


Riefler Planning


Our service covers the individual planning of the workplaces in your office space.

Riefler Individual


You choose the decor and form of your desktop. At no additional charge!


Riefler Desk Ranges


Height-adjustable desks from the basic range to high-end models.

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